Metropolitan Investigative Engineers provide top quality Investigative Engineering Services exclusively to National Insurance Companies and Attorneys.

Metropolitan Investigative Engineers, LLC provides top quality Investigative Engineering Services exclusively to National Insurance Companies and Attorneys. These services generally follow residential and low rise commercial property damage claims, with a determination of the cause and origin and extent of damages, resulting from code violations, storms, fire, explosions, vehicle impact, flooding, subsidence and similar disastrous events.

Investigation services offered include:

ADA Analysis

Building Settlement

Blasting Damage

Cause and Origin

Civil Engineering and Site Work Review

Earth and Earthquake Movement


Expert Witness and Court Testimony

Mold Cause and Origin

Roof Damage Analysis

Slip/Fall and Step/Fall Analysis

Soils and Geotechnical Investigations

Surface Water/Drainage Investigations

Structural Analysis and Investigations

Water Loss Claims

Vehicle Impact Damage to Buildings

The aforesaid investigative engineering services, with accompanying documentation and written report, offers third party independent professional engineering services to damage claims, to be used by the insurer and insured in understanding the cause and origin of the claimed damages and to what extent the damages are covered by the insured’s governing insurance policy.